Curiosity generator

Knowledge sharing is Knowledge creation.

What is Newscrush ?

Get everybody up-to-date through collaborative business watch.

Platform for team’s articles
Gather all the relevant articles for your team in one place. Benefit from our smooth reading tool and highlight the core information.
Easy newsletter
Create a good looking newsletter in 3 clicks and invite others to join through it. Track the information flow within your team.
Boost your team curiosity
Enjoy a gamified experience with our platform and push your team to become pro-active in the realization of the business watch.

With Newscrush boost your team curiosity about business watch.

Digital transformation, uberisation and the growing importance of customare care makes it mandatory for companies to have their finger on the pulse of the market.

What about your company ?

How does it work ?

Simple and effective.

Step N°1:

Go through a super quick sign up so you can access the platform. It is even possible to sign up with your google account.

Step N°2:

Start drag and dropping articles that you want to share with your team. Add tags and highlight the core information so everyone can go straight to the part that matters.

Step N°3:

Benefit from our reading tool that exports all the text from articles and allow you to read them on our platform. You can comment others’ articles and rate them to put forward the most important ones.

Step N°4:

Give a glimpse of what’s happening on the platform to other people by creating a crushing newsletter in only 3 clicks. It is also a way to invite new members as the newsletter redirects to the platform and encourages to join.

turn your active watcher into coach to engage other collaborators

Use gamification to endorse your team for their skills

Gamification ensure the engagement of your team

How gamification is working ?

Newscrush agrees to engage all your team within 2 months

A leveling system keeps the user engaged. Features are unlocked gradually.

The badge system ensures user to discover all Newscrush features.

A challenge allows user to to compete for a specific goal and incentives platform usage.

One fits all.

Free is better.

Benefit from all Newscrunch features for free during the first 3 months after its launch:

  • No newsfeed limitation
  • Unlimited newsletters creation
  • No team member limitation
  • Unlimited archive access
  • Google Authentication

After this period the platform will follow a freemium model. However all the users that signed in during the first 3 months will keep their free access for 2016.

The Team

Vincent Guilloux


Alexandre Bourlier


Sara Maty

Head of Communication

Please let us know what we can do to improve Newscrush. Bug reports, questions or even features that you would like to see implemented, your opinion matters to us. Leave us an email at